Hitting technical roadblocks and challenges while using tools is not so uncommon and TFS is not an exception. Due to huge cache of capabilities available as part of the platform, it is possible that some capabilities may not be fully utilized or configured appropriately by your teams. In these situations, even though it is required, it may not be practical to have an in-house technical resource to help resolve these challenges due to huge cost implications. Canarys offers an effective solution by providing expert assistance remotely when you need them at much lower costs. Since these teams work around the clock, you can effectively avail a 24/7 assistance in times of need. These services have quick turnaround times and dedicated help will be readily available when you need it. This would ensure that your needs are taken care in-time always.

Are you using Visual Studio along with TFS or Azure DevOps, and wondering how to use them efficiently? Is your team finding it hard to make use of newest features of VS, TFS or Azure DevOps? We can help train your teams and provide Hands on Lab sessions as well. Currently, we offer trainings on below topics:


ALM with VS & TFS/Azure DevOps (VSTS Earlier)

This session will provide Modern Application Lifecycle Management practices to help teams eliminate delivery impediments and deliver continuous value with software. Modern app lifecycle management extends beyond source code management and version control to encompass full lifecycle practices that integrate teams and functions, eliminate waste, and reduce cycle times across every aspect of software development from ideation to production operations.

  • Visual Studio TFS 2017/ Azure DevOps Overview.
  • Project Management with Visual Studio TFS/ Azure DevOps– Requirements Management & Planning, Traceability, Kanban Board, Capacity Planning, Charts etc.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Development features – Live Unit Testing, IntelliTest, Code Coverage, Code Review, Code Analysis, Code Metrics, IntelliTrace, Code Clone, Code Map, Code Lens etc.
  • Overview of Team Foundation Build 2017 – Build Definition, vNext Build Agent, automate Unit Tests, Continuous Integration, Scheduled builds, MS Build, ANT, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, Code Coverage Results, Database deployment using RedGate tools etc.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Testing features – Coded UI, Semi-automated tests, Record & Playback, Exploratory Testing, Web Performance and Load Tests etc.
  • Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2017 – Release Definition, Environments, Approvals, Continuous Deployment

Please find below the different level of course content


ALM/DevOps with VS TFS 2017
  Overview of       TFS/Azure       DevOps- 1 Day
TFS/Azure DevOps for Developers - 1 Day
TFS/Azure DevOps for Testers - 2 Days


TFS Administrator Hands-On session - 2 Days

Mobile Application Development Using Xamarin & DevOps

This session will provide an insight to Cross Platform Development using Xamarin native approach and Xamarin Forms approach using Visual Studio as an IDE in Windows and Xamarin Studio in MAC platform. Also, once we have a successful build in hand, let us see how to do a UI test, setup DevOps pipeline, distribute and monitor the app..

  • Starting with Visual Studio with Xamarin
  • Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.droid
  • Controls
  • Platform Tweaks
  • Cross-platform options
  • Database Access
  • Accessing application resources
  • Test Features - Xamarin Test Recorder, Profiler, Inspector & Xamarin Test Cloud
  • DevOps for Mobile Application Development - VS Mobile Center, TFS/ Azure DevOps, Xamarin build, automate Unit Tests & Xamarin UI tests, Hockey App & Application Insights

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