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Product Development


From designing to finishing a complete product, we have come through a full circle of research, performance, quality, reliability, serviceability and a host of other frameworks. And meeting challenges at every stage head-on has become second nature to Canarys. Greater the challenge, better the result. That in a nutshell is our product development mantra that we have developed over the years.

We shall collaborate with you at every stage so that the product exceeds your expectations and meet our own exacting standards. That also means testing, training, sales support, deployment, technical support, maintenance and support at your end. There goes the full cycle.

Product Development Methodology

  • Component-based development (CBD) and code reuse to cut down development costs, time, and effort
  • EVO model – Greater “VISIBILITY”
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Proven and time-tested engagement models to choose from
  • Timely delivery and top-notch quality
  • Stringent security policies and IP protection
  • Lower cost of ownership, ensuring a higher ROI
  • Greater visibility into projects and processes, leveraging SharePoint and home-grown tracking tools
  • Engagement Model
  • OSDC
  • Ideation to post support
  • IP Protection, NDA
  • Strong product LC
  • Realization of NFR (Non-Functional Requirement)
  • POC, Technology evaluation
  • .NET technology – strengths
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