Legacy Migration

Legacy Migration


You may want to change for better, but without any hassle. Our engineers can accomplish that rather seamlessly through re-engineered migration. Software reengineering is the process of examination, understanding, and alteration of a system with the intent of implementing the same system in a new form.

There are a thousand different ways that we can benefit you through legacy migration. Some of the advantages include cost-costing, reduction in the risk of losing data due to systemic dysfunction, effective date utilization and enhanced security from disruptive forces.

Besides getting migration right, our experts shall ensure that everything at your end works in perfect synergy.

Canarys offers migration of existing VB 5.x, VB6.x to MS.NET with following 6-step approaches.

  • Inventory analysis
  • Document restructuring
  • Reverse engineering
  • Code restructuring
  • Data restructuring
  • Forward engineering

Technology Skills

  • MS VB 5.x
  • MS VB 6.x
  • MS.NET 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle / DB2 / MySQL
  • MS Architectural Patterns and Practices
  • Reuse Patterns

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