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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Canarys team is experienced in the development of IVR applications on various platforms like Avaya, Nortel, Intervoice, Computer instruments e-IVR. We have an experienced team that is skilled in developing applications on speech for voice enabling. Experience in developing applications on speech for voice enabling is well demonstrated and also on DTMF. We possess good skill in integrating IVR solutions into customer contact centers with various forms of call transfers, and also passing of information using various CTI technologies such as Genesys framework and Avaya.

We have developed applications utilizing speech works, Nuance speech recognition, Nuance Bio-metrics for voice point. We also carry experience in interfacing IVR systems to external databases and web servers using REST/SOAP methods.

Some very useful tools to develop the IVR applications

  • Genesys composer
  • Genesys Designer
  • Avaya experience portal designer
  • Aspect CXP
  • Request IVR Product Demo
  • Request IVR Technical presentation


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