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 Genesys CTI is the market leader by virtue of its excellent resources in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Genesys Framework in traditional way as well as cloud based.

In partnership with Canarys, we are a comprehensive solution provider and make sure that you achieve your business goals faster, better and in an economical manner. We have proven application development methodologies, business models that are so flexible and experience in handling off shore assignments. Our talent pool is deep and varied and we are proud of our teams.


Some of the areas, where we are proficient and possess a strong expertise.

  • Configuration Server
  • T – Server
  • Solution Control Server and Interface
  • CCPulse ++ for live monitoring
  • Infomart for historical reports
  • Workforce management
  • G-plus adapter for connecting to “Siebel or sales force”
  • URS and IRD for developing the routing strategies
  • Virtual Hold for call back functionality

Canarys – Our Range of services on Genesys

We offer our clients, a wide range of services to choose from. We have shaped our services based on our experience with our clientele. Each of the services that we provide is based on the business needs and requirements of our clientele.  Here is a highlight of our service that we offer.

Genesys Cloud/Pure Engage

  • Genesys Administrator for managing the users
  • Speech minor for call recording
  • Genesys Advisor / GI2 for reporting
  • Genesys Studio for developing the IVR and Routing Strategies
  • Pulse for real time monitoring
  • G-Pulse adapter for Sales – Force integration

Application Development:

Canarys helps the enterprises by understanding exactly what the client needs.  With the clients need in mind, our developers help in designing, configuring, implementing and deploying the custom applications. This way the cost efficiency is improved and also the real – time performance of the critical applications. This helps the customer with an improved ROI, while outmanoeuvring the competition.

It is our firm faith that even though generic products and platforms have brought a sea change in the industry, it is also a fact that specially tailored, innovative applications of technology will however be a key differentiator in enabling business to realize competitive advantages.


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