Apps in Azure DevOps Earlier (VSTS) Marketplace

The following are our current tools/plugins on VSTS Marketplace.


  • VSTS on Mobile: A mobile App based on Xamarin (Microsoft Cross Platform), which enable VSTS end users to track project status on the go.
  • VSTS Copy Project: “VSTS Copy Project” is a web service which can create a new Team Project from the given Source Team Project. This tool helps you to migrate Team Project within or across the collection.
  • VSTS TeamProject Monitor: A VSTS Extension that lists number of Team Projects under a VSTS account along with information like Description, Process Template used, Version Control type etc.
  • VSTS Copy Dashboard: Enables VSTS end users to copy dashboards across teams, team projects and VSTS accounts.
  • VSTS RollUp: This is a web service (hosted on Azure-Microsoft Cloud) which provides summed values of select fields for all child work items of a parent. (Please content for this blog and one image)
  • VSTS Area Uploader: Facilitates uploading bulk Area-Paths to VSTS Team Projects from csv file.

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VSTS on Mobile:


VSTS has already made our lives so much easier, and did you wish if there was a mobile app to check the status on the go, then go ahead and download your own VSTS on Mobile app right now!

What can this App do for you?

  • See Live Dashboard with Charts
  • Easily work across multiple accounts, projects, teams and iterations
  • View details of the work item such as status, assignments, etc.
  • View Changesets created by your team
  • View Repository with Commit details
  • Look at build status for the various build definitions under your project
  • Currently supports Android & iOS
  • Best suitable for Team Leads, Managers, Account Managers & Stakeholders










VSTS Copy Project:


If you ever wished to clone the Team Project or its artifacts like work items to different collection or within, you don’t have to spend lot time and effort doing it manually. Use VSTS Copy Project to seamlessly migrate Team Project related items like work items with relations, Area path, Iteration path etc.

Currently what migration is supported?

  • Creating New Team project in Target Account.s
  • Migrating Areas, Iterations, Teams, Work items, Work items links, parent child relation among the work items.
  • Fetching and creating repository in the New Team Project, importing Source Code from Source Team Project.



VSTS TeamProject Monitor:


Have you created multiple dummy projects while trying to explore your VSTS account, and intend to clean up your VSTS account, and do you wish to see all the Project Names, Descriptions, Process Template used, & Version Control used in a single place, then do install our VSTS TeamProject Monitor today!

How could this extension help you?

  • Lists all Team Projects with total count, under ProjectsList tab area (as shown in below screenshot)
  • Lists Project Name, Description, Process Template & Version Control at a single page
  • You can choose to delete one or more Team Projects from this single page
  • You can also search for specific Team Project as well
  • Perfect extension for mid to large organizations dealing with multiple projects

VSTSTeamProject Manager







VSTS Copy Dashboard:


Did you come across your neighboring team’s customized VSTS Dashboard, and wished if you had the same for your team too. Now, you don’t have to waste time by adding each widget one by one, just install our VSTS Copy Dashboard, and let the tool do the work for you!

Based on feedback and demand from users we have come up with Copy Dashboard tool for Team Foundation Server also.

Share your feedback on our email with the subject line "TFS Copy Dashboard".

How could this extension help you?

  • Where ever your Source Dashboard is, you can always migrate similar settings to your account. Just select Source Project, Team & Destination Teams
  • You also have an option to target multiple Teams as well
  • Below are few of options available currently:
    • Source & Destination teams within same Team Project
    • Target multiple teams single team project within same VSTS account
    • Target multiple teams single team project but different VSTS account
    • Target multiple teams Different multiple team projects within same VSTS account
    • Target multiple teams Different multiple team project but different VSTS account
  • Note: And, just in case you wonder that your neighboring team has extra customized fields or work flows, which may help them in reporting or integration, do contact us as we could help you with VSTS/ TFS Customization as well











VSTS RollUp:


VSTS RollUp is a web service which provides summed values of select fields for all child work items of a parent. Most project managers are interested in getting rollup of estimated or completed work, effort etc. Hence RollUp will automate the process of summing up the Effort fields, viz., Original Estimate, Remaining Work and Completed Work from child work item Tasks and show it at Requirement level, in the same fashion show summation of effort fields of all child Requirements (PBI/User Story) at Feature level and continues for Epic level.

Once you register your VSTS Team Project with Canarys-VSTS RollUp service, it will create the following items:

  • Creates 3 Service Hooks viz., Work Item Create, Work Item Update and Work Item Restore
  • Creates a Query listing the hierarchical work items with effort fields
  • A Dashboard showing the query on you VSTS Team Project home page

Refer this Blog for the detailed steps to enable RollUp for your Team Project

How could this extension help you?

  • You can visualize the effort estimations from granular to top level

The RollUp of efforts helps to make decision, based on Estimated, Remaining and Completed work details







VSTS Area Uploader:


Are you tired of manually updating multiple Area Path’s in VSTS after creating a new Team Project, then install our VSTS Area Uploader, and let the tool sync your Area details into VSTS easily from a CSV file!

How could this extension help you?

  • Area paths allow you to group work items by Team or Product.
  • The default feature within VSTS allows you to create Area paths one by one defining the parent first and then adding child nodes to it.
  • Just create a .csv file with details about Area (Paths) with levels, and click on import after selecting VSTS account & Team Project. It’s that easy!
  • Supported Scenarios:
    • Upload Area Paths from .CSV file
    • Upload Multi-level Area Path (Up to 14 is supported by VSTS)
    • Import Bulk Area (Paths)- Currently Tested for 15,000 Area Paths including child Area Paths.







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