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Our team brings with it decades of international experience and a rich heritage of success with a bias towards the best talent. With the blend of right pedigree, technical expertise, intense knowledge and commitment to teamwork, success is merely incidental. The goal is excellence.



Raman Subba Rao

Managing Director

An engineering degree holder in Electronics and Communications, Raman has more than three decades of experience in the field of information technology.Having worked in start-ups and large enterprises, he has a ringside view of the business. Raman is at the heart of setting strategies, managing financials and setting directions for Canarys. 

Raghu Chandrashekhariah

Director Business Development

Raghu plays a predominant role in Sales and Customer Delivery. He is responsible for improving customer experience and adding value. He plays a crucial role in engaging customers and nurturing long-lasting relationships. He has been successful in strengthening Canarys' ties with large System Integrators in India and overseas.

Arun Danavadi

Director Operations

Arun heads the entire services delivery function comprising of ADM, Testing and Consulting. He initiates and implements team-building and other activities aimed at customer satisfaction and boosting Canarys’ delivery capabilities. He is also responsible for Human Resource functions involving talent acquisition, retention, identifying and evolving policies.



Sheshadri Srinivas

Director Technology Solutions

Sheshadri Srinivas, heads the Services Business technology team.

He has over a decade and half of experience in systems architecture and engineering, design and deployment of software systems in the industries of ERP, HR, CRM, Health Care, eCommerce, Automation, Quality, CBD, Maintenance and information technology services.

In his ability, Sheshadri has rolled out 2 key products of Canarys to the software market.


Sanjeev Kumar

Director Technology Consulting

Sanjeev Kumar heads the Technology Consulting Division at Canarys.

With over a decade and half of IT experience across various domains, he is well-versed in all the Software Development phases and had been delivering innovative software solutions to worldwide customers.

He has been an early adopter of technologies and has been spearheading technology adoptions to drive business initiatives.


Pushparaj Shetty

Director Water Resources Management and Controls

Pushparaj Shetty, has comprehensive knowledge in Flow measurement in rivers and Irrigation Canals, water management, irrigation gate automations, Remote Telemetry data transmission, centralised data acquisition, analysis and dissemination through automation.He created a special projects division within Canarys which has focussed on the introduction of the products and solutions in the Hydrology and Meteorology market and nurturing them in the early growth stages. The key interests have been on the water resources quantification, implementation of smart measurement, communicating and networking information to the stakeholders in the water resources area.



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