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Technical Consultant | Visual Studio

Should be able to perform independently and with the team. Experience in creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and working with Microsoft SharePoint would be preferred. Smart, innovative and a quick learner. Strong communication / analytical skills.  
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Application Maintenance

Our dedicated and skilled resources ensure that routine maintenance and enhancements to your existing applications is done with ease. With a wide range of technology and domain expertise, we study your existing applications to identify areas of improvement and defects apart from the requirements provided by you. Our team members are equipped to work independently or in a collaborative environment along with you. We have been successfully executing several long term maintenance contracts spanning...
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Software Services

The whole world has come to realize the role played by Information Technology and looking at ways to leverage it. With the proliferation of IT in every area of business, business processes have been evolving and optimized to leverage the technology. With the right technology partner, you will be able to ride the technology wave and reap rich returns on your investments. With Canarys offering all the relevant and comprehensive services under one roof, there is no need to look any further. 
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Blog User Information

To ensure that your blogging experience is painless, we have put together a document detailing the process of registration along with guidelines for blogging. You can either view the document online by clicking the link or download it for offline reading. Note: Only Canarys employees will be able to write blogs on the website. Guest users can only read the content and post comments. 
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It is Raining Gold. Time for the Celebrations.

Canarys has now achieved another Microsoft Gold Competency in “Collaboration and Content”. Kudos to the team for making it happen.
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WPC, Here We Come Again.

Canarys participated in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (8th and 12th July 2012) in Toronto, Ontario.
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Time to Rock. Time for Our TechEd 2012 Rockstar.

Our Senior ALM specialist Sanjeev Kumar was awarded TechEd Rockstar in the Microsoft TechEd (March 21-23, Bengaluru) for his valuable contribution to the ALM world by Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Limited. We are proud of you!
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Go for Gold. One More Gold for Canarys!

Canarys participated in the Go for Gold campaign conducted by Microsoft and have now achieved yet another Microsoft Gold Competency, this time in “Business Intelligence”. Canarys was among the top 20 partners to achieve a Gold competency through the Go for Gold campaign and was listed on the Wall of Fame - League of Gold.
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It is Networking Time!!

Canarys participated in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (10th to 14th July 2011) in Los Angeles, California.
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