Set Web.Config Values Using Environment Variables for Containerizing .Net Framework Legacy Application

Application using the tech stack of .Net Framework (<4.7) passes configuration information using Web.config file, While working on the containerization of legacy applications we will be not able to change the value of Web.config after the building of the container image.Even if try to pass the configuration value as a key-value using environment variables to the container while running the containers, the value under Web.config will not be going to change. As the configuration values we pass ...
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Deploy a Windows bases AKS Cluster using Azure Portal

Kubernetes is an orchestration tool that helps us to manage container-based resources, usually as modern application architecture got designed in that way more often we will be dealing with containers that are Linux OS based. But for application which is run on a technology stack like DotNet Framework needed windowsOS, hence Windows containers are needed to deploy and consume such applications in a microservice architecture.
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Canarys, a Leader in DevOps Solutions - DevOps Conclave and Awards 2023

Canarys Automations Private Limited, a leading DevOps solutions provider, has won three DevOps awards “Leader in DevOps Solutions”, “Best DevOps Solution Provider” and “Most Innovative DevOps Company” at the recent DevOps Conclave 2023 event, for its exceptional innovation and excellence in DevOps field. The DevOps Award recognizes companies that have developed and delivered exceptional DevOps solutions for customers.
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Canarys is now a GitLab Professional Services Partner!

Canarys Automations Private Limited is proud to achieve GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner (PSP) status in the GitLab Channel Services Program. With this certification, Canarys builds and operates a technical service practice for GitLab solutions and delivers GitLab’s offering as part of the DevOps Platform. We are now one of the top 5 partners in India to achieve this status!
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GitHub Capabilities in Mobile - Android & iOS

Utilize your mobile device to manage, collaborate, and triage your GitHub projects. A mobile app for iOS and Android both are available.
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Using Git LFS to Manage Large File Storage

Git LFS (Huge File Storage) is an open-source Git extension that was created by Atlassian, GitHub, and few other open-source contributors. It minimizes the impact of large files in your repository by downloading the necessary copies of them slowly.
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Security Feature & Permission Access Capabilities in GHAS (GitHub Advanced Security)

Customers who purchase an Advanced Security license from GitHub get access to additional security capabilities. The GHAS feature comparison and the permission access requirements for security features are also visible.
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DevOpSmartBoard - Org Level Reports -Part 2

This report basically gives DevOps Organization user data, a list of users, and access to the organization's projects and teams that they are involved in, where we can also filter this display based on a certain user. If necessary, the report can be downloaded.
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DevOpSmartBoard - User Capacity

Capacity is the amount of time a team member has to work on the requirement in each sprint. It is important to capture each team member’s expected capacity so you can assign work in sprint planning. Capacity considers a team's or individual user's holidays as well as the variation in work hours among the team members. Allows you to organize your work for future Sprints or Iterations team members performing different activities toward the sprint target should be assigned and have availab...
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Authenticating as a GitHub App in a GitHub Actions workflow

GitHub Apps are a really great way to extend GitHub and add custom integration. One of the trickier parts of GitHub Apps, though, is how it authenticates to GitHub so that it can access the target Repository.
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