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Page Object Model

Automation Testing with Selenium using Page Object ModelPage Object Model (POM)Writing selenium scripts is not tough job. We have to find the elements and perform the operation on the webpage.Consider the below example of simple selenium script which will navigate to gmail website and identifies the email id field and enters the email id and taps on Next button. Then, Identifies the password field and enters password and clicks on Signin button.In the above code maintaining is very easy as ...
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How to upload the files in Selenium using AutoIt

Selenium   WebDriver Test Automation framework allows us to write the automation scripts for web applications and execute them in various browsers.In some test scenarios, you might need to verify the functionality of uploading the files. The file web element launches the windows file upload dialog to browse and select the files. With the help of selenium WebDriver we can only launch the upload dialog by clicking the file element button, but it can’t interact with upload dialog.In...
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Data driven testing in selenium webdriver using excel

Data-driven testing (DDT) is taking a test, parameterizing it and then running that test with varying data. This allows you to run the same test case with many varying inputs, therefore increasing coverage from a single test. In addition to increasing test coverage, data driven testing allows the ability to build both positive and negative test cases into a single test. Data-driven testing allows you to test the form with a different set of input values to be sure that the application works as e...
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Selenium Locators

Selenium webdriver uses locators to find the web elements on web page. The following are the list of locators used by selenium.1. Locating an Web Element By ID: The most efficient way to locate an web element on a web page is By ID. IDs are the fastest locator and should always be the first choice even when there are multiple choices.Example 1:Selenium script for above html code is:driver.findElement("bottomads"));Example 2:Selenium script for above html code is:driver.findElemen...
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Introduction to Load Testing

 Well, before learning what is Load testing. Let us discuss briefly the performance testing. What is Performance Testing? Performance Testing of an application is basically the process of understanding how the application and its operating environment respond at various user load levels. The Response Time, Throughput and Utilization of the Processor would be measured while simulating attempts by virtual users to simultaneously access the application. One of the objectives of Performanc...
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Identifying Web Elements using Selenium Webdriver

What is Web Element?                Anything present on the webpage is Web Element. Such as text box, button, link etc. Before performing any action in Selenium we should identify the Web Element using its characteristics given by the application developer with the help of HTML.What are the components of Web Element?While developing the Web Element using HTML, developer will specify following components. HTML Tag: Any wor...
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Unit testing in .NET

Unit Testing – ExplainedA process which involves writing code to verify a system at a lower and more granular level is known as Unit Testing. Unit Testing gives us the ability to verify that our functions/methods work as expected. It is used by programmers for programmers.Unit tests are written to ensure that code performs as per the programmer’s expectation. They are generally focused at a lower level than other testing, making sure that the underlying feature work as expected. By e...
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The Best Practices and Advantages of Designing Effective Test Cases

The Best Practices and Advantages of Designing Effective Test Cases OverviewTest case is a “Documentation specifying inputs, predicted results, and a set of execution conditions for a test item.”  The aim is to divide the software function into small units of function that is testable with input, and producing result that is measurable.So, basically a test case is a feature/function description that should be executed with a range of input, given certain preconditions, and ...
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How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in QTP?

VB script Error HandlingDurning run time, if QTP encounters any erorr then it will display the error message which haults the script execution. Inorder to overcome this we should suppress the error message and then we should take appropriate action to handle the error. This can be done using “On error Resume Next” and err.numberExample:                     Dim a,b,c                  &n...
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