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Microsoft Azure : Running Linux Virtual Machine

Creating an Azure VM that runs Linux is easy to do. We will use ssh public key file to secure our SSH connection to VM. We can also create Linux VM’s using our own images as templates. NOTE: We will create an Azure VM which is managed by Azure resource group. Pre-requisiteWe need Azure subscription. Steps Select image1)    Log in  2)    On the Hub menu, click New >> Compu...
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Microsoft Azure : Running Windows Virtual Machine

How easy it is to create an Azure VM in just a few minutes. We'll use Windows Server 2012 r2 Datacentre image but that's just one of many images Azure offers.We can also create VM’s using our own images, with Resource Manager Templates or with automation tools.We will use the Resource Manager Deployment model to create VM. This is recommended instead of the classic deployment model, which is based on Service Management APIs. Pre-requisiteWe need Azure subscription. Steps ...
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