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DevOpSmartBoard - Org Level Reports -Part 2

This report basically gives DevOps Organization user data, a list of users, and access to the organization's projects and teams that they are involved in, where we can also filter this display based on a certain user. If necessary, the report can be downloaded.
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DevOpSmartBoard - User Capacity

Capacity is the amount of time a team member has to work on the requirement in each sprint. It is important to capture each team member’s expected capacity so you can assign work in sprint planning. Capacity considers a team's or individual user's holidays as well as the variation in work hours among the team members. Allows you to organize your work for future Sprints or Iterations team members performing different activities toward the sprint target should be assigned and have availab...
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DevOpSmartBoard - Org Level Reports Part 1

The Org Level Reports is one of the features in the DevOpSmartBoard which gives you an overview of all the projects and data in your organization. There are several sub-features within the Org Level Reports which are explained in the current blog.
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DevOpSmartBoard - Subscribers

This report mainly helps Azure DevOps Organization Owners or Admins with respect to license related information. It helps them to study the active/inactive status of user and helps to save on license cost by revoking the license for non-active members.
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