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Multi-taskingIt is a concept of performing multiple tasks over a certain period of time by executing them concurrently.Multi-threadingIt forms subset of Multi-tasking. It is the ability of a program to manage its use by more than one user at a time and to even manage multiple requests by the same user without having to have multiple copies of the programming running in the computer.ThreadIt is a thread of execution in a program. One or more threads run in an AppDomain. An AppDomain basically pro...
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XML with SQL Server

XML with SQL ServerXMLIt is all about describing data. Below is a XML which describes Patient data.11000001SionCat An XML tag is not something predefined but it is something we have to define according to our needs. The XML document is self-explanatory, anyone can easily understand looking at the XML data what exactly it means. “version” tag shows which version of XML is used. Root element is the top most element for a XML. Every tag in XML which is opened should have a closing ...
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Service Broker

Service Broker SQL Server Service broker provides asynchronous queuing functionality to SQL Server. So now the end client will not have to wait. SQL Server Service broker uses both queues and asynchronous communication to fulfill its functionality. Queues are used because there may be instances that the other application with which we are interacting may not available. With the help of asynchronous communication, client sends message to the other end application and he can continue with som...
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