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Canarys is now a GitLab Professional Services Partner!


Canarys Automations Private Limited is proud to achieve GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner (PSP) status in the GitLab Channel Services Program. With this certification, Canarys builds and operates a technical service practice for GitLab solutions and delivers GitLab’s offering as part of the DevOps Platform. We are now one of the top 5 partners in India to achieve this status!


We offer a variety of solutions including GitLab migrations and assessments, entry to advanced training workshops, CI/CD pipeline optimization, DevSecOps assessment and implementation, Kubernetes deployments.


As an Open Partner, we resell GitLab's complete DevOps platform that brings all teams into a single platform to accelerate software delivery within minutes which otherwise would have taken months, while reducing development costs and risks.

"Canarys extensive experience implementing enterprise software solutions and its expertise across agile and DevOps transformation services, makes them a perfect fit for the GitLab Partner Program"

Michelle Hodges - Vice president of global channels, GitLab

GitLab is The DevOps Platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster and efficiently, while strengthening security and compliance. With GitLab, every team in your organization can collaboratively plan, build, secure, and deploy software to drive business outcomes faster with complete transparency, consistency, and traceability across the DevOps lifecycle.


Get the most out of your DevOps platform - From DIY toolchains to a seamless DevOps platform


A DevOps platform is a single application that will support software development from the idea stage to deployment and beyond. It saves time and money, eliminates integration challenges, and bakes in security and compliance right from the start.

We offer expertise in the following ways –

  • DevOps tools landscape Assessment and modernize.
  • Source Code Management
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Security with DevSecOps
  • Agile Project Management
  • GitOps with infrastructure automation for multi-cloud environments
  • Workshops and training on DevOps tools



About Canarys Automations

Canarys Automations a 30+ years company in IT industry, is GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner (PSP) and GitLab Open Partner, Atlassian Solution Partner, Microsoft Partner for DevOps and Cloud Platform, and GitHub Verified Partner. Canarys has been providing DevOps solutions via GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio and TFS for over 1000+ customers, covering over 30+ cities across India, APAC, and USA from over last 2 decades. Canarys has been recognized as Finalist for Microsoft DevOps Partner of the year Award at Microsoft Inspire for 2018 & 2017. Canarys is one of the authorized License & Solutions partner for GitLab, Atlassian suite of products and GitHub.



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