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GitHub Capabilities in Mobile - Android & iOS

Both an iOS and an Android app are available for GitHub Mobile. You can complete high-impact projects quickly and remotely with GitHub Mobile. It is safe and secure to access your GitHub data via a trusted, first-party client programme.

With GitHub Mobile you can:

  • Manage, triage, and clear notifications
  • Read, review, and collaborate on issues and pull requests
  • Edit files in pull requests
  • Search for, browse, and interact with users, repositories, and organizations
  • Receive a push notification when someone mentions your username
  • Secure your account with two-factor authentication
  • Verify your sign in attempts on unrecognized devices




GitHub Mobile 2FA

  • Use Mobile 2FA right away if you have 2FA set up on your GitHub account and the mobile app downloaded.
  • Before using Mobile 2FA, you must first configure 2FA using SMS or time-based one-time password (TOTP) app.
  • After you've configured it, whenever you sign in to your account on any browser, a push notification will be sent to your mobile device. You have the option to accept or reject the sign-in attempt. If you accept it, will log you in right away.



GitHub Mobile App installation:


Benefits of using GitHub Mobile App:

  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Explore and connect with GitHub communities
  • Secure your account with two-factor authentication
  • Approve the Pull-Request
  • Edit files anywhere
  • Build from anywhere


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