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GitHub Advanced Security Features and Capabilities

In this blog we will see how GitHub can help your organization with more securities than ever before. GitHub has a suite of security tools that enable developers to identify security vulnerabilities in their codebases. 

GitHub Advanced Security helps you create secure applications with a community-driven, developer-first approach. GitHub’s security features provide developers with powerful tools for finding and remediating application security risks, but what if you’re an application security team or development leader responsible for hundreds or even thousands of repositories?

This is where the new Security Overview comes in.


GitHub Advanced Security customers now have a single place to see the application security risks detected by code scanning, Dependabot and secrets.

User can easily enable and disable security features from organization and repository settings.



GitHub Security Features

A GitHub Advanced Security provides the following features:

  • Dependency Graph - The dependency graph is available for every public repository that defines dependencies in a supported package ecosystem using a supported file format. Repository administrators can also set up the dependency graph for private repositories.



  • Dependabot Alerts - It gives alert whenever a vulnerability is detected in dependencies. Dependabot can fix vulnerable dependencies for you by raising pull requests with security updates and provides information on license, dependents and age of dependencies and show the full impact of changes to dependencies.                                        



  • Code scanning - You can use code scanning to find security vulnerabilities and errors in the code for your project on GitHub. It searches for every potential security vulnerability and coding errors in your code and gives an alert if any error in code is detected.



  • Secret scanning - Detect secrets, for example keys and tokens, that have been checked into the repository. Secret scanning will give you notification as soon as it detects a token and keys so that developer can prevent misuse of API tokens.




You'll need an Enterprise License to use GitHub Advanced Security features in a private or internal repository. GitHub Advanced Security features are available free of charge for public repositories on

Organizations that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud with Advanced Security can additionally enable these features for private and internal repositories. When you enable GitHub Advanced Security for your enterprise, repository administrators in all organizations can enable the features. They also have access to an organization-level security overview.



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