Don’t Postpone Digital Transformation, but Firm up on the Strategy during COVID-19 pandemic

Trust you and your teams are safe!


The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has affected lives around the world and has been a crisis for all sectors.  The global pandemic continues to impact organizations – big or small and their customer base. It has thrown a couple of twists – the whole company working from home with branches across the globe; availability of sufficient bandwidth is a bigger challenge for workloads like accessing source control system!


According to a recent post, Microsoft reported that it has seen an incredible increase in the use of its cloud services in places affected by the Corona virus with customers practicing social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. The cloud services help us sustain and serve the customers during this unprecedented time!


We’d like to enable you with “cloud-first” strategy for accelerating digital transformation efforts so that you are in better position after the pandemic passes. In that regard, introducing you to Microsoft’s cloud offering – Azure DevOps Services which is well positioned for this situation as its mostly backed by an SLA of 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support. The regular headache of running on-premise CI/CD tooling and its upgrades are dealt with by moving on to the SaaS model; thereby reducing worry of patching and upgrading the toolchain.


If you are an organization with “cant-store-code-on-cloud” concern, we will migrate your source code to GitHub Enterprise Server, the world’s leading software development platform and configure other services on Azure DevOps and minimize infrastructure costs and on-premise dependency. Being a preferred Microsoft DevOps Gold partner and GitHub Verified Partner, we can assist you to rapidly drive the DevOps initiative through below offerings:


If you are looking at revving your digital business strategies and to minimise the on-premise dependency, we can assist you to rapidly drive this initiative through offerings below.

  • Source Code migration to GitHub Enterprise Server or Cloud
  • Team Foundation Server to Azure DevOps Migration
  • Be part of pilot project in implementing DevOps and showcasing best practices
  • Train your teams on Azure DevOps and GitHub Collaboration platform


For more information browse through our Service offerings in detail


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