TFS to VSTS Migrations


The next evolution of TFS

Whether you’re a startup or Enterprise or you’re a team of just one, with Visual Studio Team Services you can easily carry out all the DevOps activities like plan, develop, test, deploy and monitor your business critical applications, from anywhere. You don’t need a large infrastructure team, and you don’t need to touch a single server.

We are excited to announce our consulting service on “TFS to Visual Studio Team Services Migration”.

Being Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) and DevOps partner ( http://devopsms.com/ )  , we will help you right from acquiring the licenses required to kick start VSTS to migrating the projects from Team Foundation Server to VSTS. As part of the process, we take complete care of the following:

1.       Assessment of the current TFS environment

2.       Setup Azure along with subscription licensing needs (for customer new to Azure/VSTS)

3.       Upgrade to latest TFS version (pre-requisite for VSTS migration)

4.       Prepare TFS for online migration

5.       Validate and Import to VSTS

6.       Briefing on new features of VSTS compared to TFS

7.       Handholding sessions for users who are new to VSTS conventions.


Some of the benefits you get by migrating from Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services are:

  • No more manual upgrades and get updates quicker – with Team Services, upgrades are deployed nearly every three weeks and your development teams can immediately take advantage of them months before they are available in TFS updates or major releases.
  • Significantly reduced administration – imagine not needing to continually monitor and administer your TFS infrastructure.  Visual Studio Team Services will take care of that for you.
  • Accessible anywhere – Your team members will have the flexibility they need to securely access Team Services from work, home, remote offices, or their mobile devices.
  • Included with Visual Studio Subscriptions –Access to Visual Studio Team Services included as a benefit of your Visual Studio (formerly known as MSDN) subscriptions!  Having an ability to migrate your TFS database allows many subscribers now to take advantage of that important benefit.
  • And many more…

You can reach us on info@ecanarys.com for any further information



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