CfMD services -Dynamics NAV


CfMD services help ISVs minimize the time and effort needed to get their software solution through the CfMD process. We offer services as a package or individual in order to get the CfMD Certificate done.


Solution Design ,development and upgrade

We at Canarys help customer to make any modification in their NAV Application codebase to meet the CfMD test criteria. We also help our customer to migrate their existing system to latest version of NAV and enable them to prepare the submission package for CfMD test.


CfMD readiness Assessment

We at Canarys help our customer to check the preparedness of the solution for CfMD test. All of the required test guideline needs to be verified by validating the existing solution & related documents based on that we provide a report on the readiness for CfMD test.


CfMD test requirement assessment and validation of submission package

We at Canarys help our customer to verify the CfMD submission package which include all the documents as well as NAV application codebase which needs to undergo with CfMD test tool and make sure everything is in consistent stage to pass the CfMD certification exam.


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