telemetry - "Breathing life into systems for a better tomorrow"

Managing water resources is one of the greatest challenges of this century. Telemetry is the path chosen by Canarys to meet this challenge head on. Telemetry is critical for obtaining high quality data for water resources management. This entails collection of hydrological, meteorological and water quality information in real time so that decisions can be taken efficiently and leading to optimum management of the resources.

A trained team with an eye for detail and a bit of patience would go a long way in helping people in the field to better manage the most precious resource--water.

The main objective of using telemetry system is to provide an uninterrupted and uninterruptible communication link between remote field stations and the main offices in which real-time data could be obtained.

The automated data acquisition and automation hardware and software provided and maintained by Canarys helps the water managers and meteorology department users to pre-emptively respond to events and to manage the resources as planned.

Canarys provides turnkey-projects for the hydrology, meteorology and groundwater solutions to government departments and large Main Automation Contractors (MAC).

Some factors that we have in mind are architecture of the system, system integration and customization requirements, data management requirements, data processing, management, user interface and data dissemination.

Our solutions help upgrade from the manual process of data gathering, collating and decision-oriented data processing cycle by fully automating the cycle up to the controlling actions.

The Products include data loggers, data transmitters/ loggers and sensors. Data loggers collect sensor data and transmit the data to central facilities primarily by GSM/GPRS and possibly by other network means. Our sensors support the collection of hydrological and meteorological data and include a tipping bucket rain gauge, a barometric pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, and several water level sensors. Our equipment is compatible with sensors from global companies. We have long-standing relationships with suppliers for wind speed and wind direction, water quality, humidity and solar radiation sensors.